How Much Do You Value Yourself?

Dear Travel Agents/Advisors,

We keep reading posts on social media about standing up for ourselves, being proud of who we are, and all those other important ideas about self-esteem and self-respect. This is all good until I hear complaints from some people I mentor or comments in response to my postings (more like venting) from many travel agents.

TAs sell a service – not a product or merchandise. The commission comes AT THE END of the trip IF it is not canceled for any reason. That means a TA works “for free” for a long time to get a percentage of the total sale, maybe 6 months or a year from the date of purchase.

Many TAs complain that they get phone calls all the time for questions like: “What is the temperature of the swimming pool at the resort?” or, “Can you call the 85 people in my group to remind them about their passports because they don’t read your emails.”

Well, if you don’t value your time, why should your client?

My advice is to charge a service fee. You can’t work for free until your commission comes!

Be more selective of your clients. If they don’t want to pay your service fee, they don’t deserve your service! (Now, you are setting your real value!)

Think about it: You need a beautiful and perfect haircut for a special event. Who will you choose to go to, the very inexpensive one? Or do you believe that the stylist who charges more has more clients and experience?


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