Experience in a short time

I am often asked by agents to be their mentor. What I do is free, and done with all my pleasure. I get many questions from agents asking for advice.  Again, I am here for all of you!
What I have seen is many agents who are eager to get experience in a short time.  Let’s analyze those two concepts: experience, and in a short time.
How long does it take to gain experience in something, in our case, in travel? Well, it depends how much we want to know, how much interest we have in specializing in different areas, and how much of a perfectionist some of us are.
How much time should we invest in learning? Again it depends on several factors. How we learn, how much can we learn, and how much of a “workaholic” we are willing to be.
So, as a travel agent, you approach your “mentor” (me) and get a bunch of ” it depends” answers. What kind of mentor am I?
Let me give you my honest opinion on the issue of gaining experience in a short time. I feel that if you show your client or prospective client how much you really care, experience goes down in importance to second place.  People are looking for a professional who has real feelings and a big heart, and who will stand with them for the entire journey. Experience alone is not enough. Experience PLUS caring will put the world at your feet!
I am cheering for you! Show how much you care, and learn at your own pace.
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The Key to Success


Dear Travel Agent,
You have read my previous posts about how search engines can help travel agents. Also, about how specializing can also help your business. Now, I want to focus a bit on finding the real keys of success in the midst of so much input from social media outlets.
I personally use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Not only do I post on these sites, I also take the time to read and like other people’s posts.
If you are like me, I mean, a human being, sometimes you wonder, “Why couldn’t I have had that idea?” or “Why can’t I look like that person?” and so on. For a minute –  or even longer – you feel down on yourself, and wish you had more followers, or think about what you can do to improve yourself.
This is a normal feeling; even the people who we consider to be the most successful sometimes feel that way when they compare themselves to someone else.What is not healthy is to beat yourself up for too long, to the point of giving up, or feeling like a nobody.
The best thing to do at those times, I have found, is to close the computer. Stop staring at social media sites. Go, close your eyes, take at least 3 deep breaths. After that, start counting all the blessings in your life. Then, as both a business person and as a human being, think of all your best qualities (not as compared to anyone else) and figure out how you can you show YOUR qualities to your prospective clients and clients.
Be your best self and promote those things until you are “blue in the face” and until the world can see the real you!
Be your best self, and continue to count your own blessings.
This is the key of success.
I know you will agree with me.
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When is the best time…?


Dear Travel Agents,

We get asked this question over and over again: When is the best time to travel to …….?
My best answer is: It depends!

There are basically at least 2 seasons in each destination: high and low. High season is the most popular time to go. It could be related to the weather, to events, or to a natural event like migration of animals, or the northern lights, etc.  Low season is the least popular time of the year to go, and for the opposite of the above reasons

Some destinations have shoulder seasons, which occur between low and high seasons.

Prices for everything are higher during high season, and lower during low season.

A great trip depends on many factors, so let’s look at them, and not in any particular order:

  •  Price or budget: Traveling to the destination during low season will make it more affordable. Low season brings many advantages: service from the hotels, restaurants, tour guides and taxis is better, and lines at museums and places to visit are very short. There is also a greater chance of being upgraded at hotels.
  • Inflexible schedule: Many times clients need to travel during a specific time of the year because of work or school schedules. That will be the best time for them to travel.
  • Combining an event or obligation with a tour of the destination, such as when a client already has a convention or a wedding in the destination and wants to use some extra days to combine with a tour package.
  • Win of a raffle (sometimes from a fundraising event, or even a gift). Clients may already have a couple of hotel nights, or even airfare to a destination.


It is important to find out the low and high seasons for each destination so you can best inform your client, but make it clear that whenever the client wants to visit, it will always be the best time for them to travel – and tell them why!

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Making Money Selling Air – a Resource for Agents


Why do we sell travel? Once we cross off the top reasons, such as the fact that we LOVE travel, and we WANT to make people’s dreams come true – we get to the bottom line. We sell travel because it is our business, and we are in business to make money.
Selling airfare is an aspect of travel that can be quite profitable, but many agents think they can no longer make money selling airfare to their clients. They are wrong! If an agent builds a relationship with an Air Consolidator, not only will they be able to sell a complete travel package to every client – they will also make more money for themselves!
Almost every trip has an airfare component. If your clients are traveling internationally to take a tour, they need to get there. If they are taking a cruise, they need to be at the port to embark. Even when visiting family across the country, they will want to fly.
You may not always be able to save your clients a huge amount of money when booking air as compared to booking online – but you will be offering them all the support that a consolidator can offer. In the event that they need assistance with a flight change, or re-routing, a consolidator can help. Try to get that type of assistance from an online booking service! You just can’t.
I have found a great resource that can teach agents about working with air consolidators, and offers information about many companies who sell airfare ONLY to travel agents. I suggest you visit (www.FindAConsolidator.com) and learn a little more about making money selling airfare!