In a Perfect World

Dear Travel Agents/Advisors,

Imagine if you can that this entire world is an enormous airplane, where different people sit together with no regard for their background, race, political views, culture, finance or anything that divides us. Somehow, we would all sit together and try to communicate with each other, making the long journey a very pleasant one.

Thinking like this and believing that travel makes people humble and capable of learning more about each other and oneself, I wonder if schools should teach more about other cultures, about other countries, and more about tolerance, acceptance, kindness, the importance of travel and even how to travel with only a carry-on. In my humble opinion, those classes should be mandatory (maybe not the part about the carry-on LOL!)

We need to value our lives and enjoy every minute of them. The only certainty in life is that our days our numbered (and we don’t know how many!) We owe it to ourselves to live our best lives. And we owe the future generations to leave this world a much kinder and better place!

Book as much travel as you possibly can, pay for it in payments if you need to. Time doesn’t ever come back, regrets are painful. Be sure to use all of your five senses when you travel so your memories are even more intense!


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