Giving back and helping others…

Dear Travel Agent,
Let me share an experience I had last year. A dear friend found out he had cancer and his life was turned upside down. I know many of you have had family or friends with the scary “C” and have dealt with it in different ways.
I lost my mom and her mom (my grandma) to colon cancer. Ever since I turned 35 I have had a colonoscopy every other year to be proactive, just in case I also have the gene.
I try not to think about cancer too often, but when it happens to a friend or family member, I find myself reviewing and analyzing the meaning of my own life.  I remember that I am not eternal, and unfortunately, neither are my friends and family. Life is to be lived to the fullest every day. We don’t know what tomorrow holds for us. Planning well is not a guarantee for a longer life, just to a better future. Money cannot buy health, nor extra time in life. We cannot take money to wherever we go – no matter what we believe about the afterlife.
Let’s live life to the fullest, give back, pay forward, help others, travel. The only thing we keep and we leave are memories. Let them be the best of all!
Thank you, and please get involved by helping a cause. I am helping to crush breast cancer through Avon 39.  If you’d like to help too, visit:
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Be Contagious!

Dear Travel Agent,
Be contagious! Don’t try to be anyone else and don’t imitate others. Don’t be fake! Just be the best self you can possibly be, and you will find yourself surrounded by positive people. Your energy will be so strong that people will feel attracted to you. Prospective clients will come like bees come to a hive because they will feel your enthusiasm and sincerity, and just like a big party, they will want to be a part of it!
It sounds so simple. I have read suggestions about how to do this on social media. Some say that it is as easy as thinking positive and having happy thoughts 24/7 – or at least when you wake up and go to sleep. Others suggest meditation (a bigger effort), and some people suggest reading the Bible out loud.
Many people, even the ones who call themselves experts and coaches or mentors, sometimes wake up feeling down and negative. They doubt their own truths and want to pull the blanket over their heads and sleep the day away.
Always remember, it is not about how many times you felt like quitting, it’s about how many times you stood up, changed your clothes, washed your face and said out loud, “I AM READY, AND I WILL KEEP GOING!”
No matter how you feel today, tomorrow is another day. Be your best each and every day and keep smiling because at the very least, your smile will make another human being happy!
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Life is Too Short to Stay Still

Dear Travel Agents,
Have you ever stopped to think about the reasons you travel or want to travel?
It is so much easier to sell what you would buy, rather than what you think others should buy. I’ve written a list of reasons why I travel, and I truly believe in each one of them.
Life is too short to stand still; to keep dreaming about places to see and not doing anything about it.
I don’t want to wait until my “retirement” or until my kids are grown and doing well, or for my grand kids to go to college before I start living my life and start traveling. My time is now, and I owe it to myself.

No one will care about and love me more than I love and care for myself. I need to wake up, smell the coffee and the flowers, smile, think how fast the clock is ticking, and make my dreams come true!
Yes, to make my dreams come true is to travel the world; making this huge planet seem as though I can conquer it during my lifetime. Exploring every country and city that I dream about visiting and making memories in each of them. Because, you know what? When, God willing, I am an old lady, when it will be too hard to travel and my bones prefer to stay at home, I will still love myself, have no regrets, and will treasure my many memories.
Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be a happy person. Now, more than ever, I want to be a happy traveler.
What about you?
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