I have spent over 23 years of my life speaking to travel agents, eager to sell my tour packages to them so that they in turn, could sell the packages to their clients. I described all of the reasons they should relate to their clients as to why my tour packages were better than those of other vendors. Because we sold only through agents, I spoke with each travel agent who was between my tour package and the client. All of the information I provided them with helped me to make the sale, and at the same time, the travel agent would earn commission on the sale.
I spent hours with new travel agents teaching the most basic information, teaching about destinations, guiding agents how to print or make a flyer, how to best use social media, and so forth. I wished that I had more time to spend with each and every travel agent in order to teach them more, but my time was limited, and my goals were focused on my company.
Now, it is my time to give back to travel agents. To do something I really love to do – to not look at the clock, to redirect my focus and goals towards teaching, guiding and giving all the information I can to help travel agents be the best they can be. Teaching about destinations so that agents of all experience levels can sound like pros. Inspiring agents to be more fun than an uninspired search engine. Encouraging travel agents to try to specialize so they can serve specific segments and groups. Encouraging agents to explore social media but also, not to forget the importance of face-to-face contact with prospective clients.
Pick my brain, ask me questions, message me, send me emails. I want to help you! Let’s make a deal, tell your other travel agents friends to follow me on Facebook and on Instagram. Learn from my postings and make travel a better way to live our lives, because Travel Agents ROCK!!!
Love to you all,



I am  Rosana Chermisqui and I  take great pride in my 23 years of experience in the travel industry. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge with travel agents, and I have a genuine desire to ensure their success. Recently, I am  returning to travel consulting, offering my experience and expertise to benefit each and every travel agent, and assist them in achieving their business goals. I would like to ask permission to post my facebook page in your group, the members that are interested to find out more about it how they can boost their career can follow me, I will be posting every day about travel tips, motivational and inspirational guidance, suggestions for how to deal with clients – even the difficult and demanding ones, and how to gain more clients. I will also share my knowledge about using social media, how to get the best deals from tour operators and other vendors and doing webinars and seminars.  I am looking forward to giving back to the travel agent community with my many years of expertise and the best thing: for free