Do you want more?

Dear Travel Agents/Advisors,

Have you ever wished that you started your business years ago? Or wished for more friends? More followers? More money……

How easy is to visit the land of “How I Wish”!

People do it all the time. These thoughts happen to everyone. It also happens to people who you believe have everything, because truly, no one has everything! But, these thoughts can cause frustration and anxiety.

I love reading the posts of new travel agents celebrating their first booking. I still remember mine, and all the emotions I felt. My feeling of accomplishment was gigantic, as if it couldn’t fit it all inside myself.

I also remember how I felt on my first trip to Europe… my first time in an airplane… my first cruise (I brought so many medications because I was sure I was going to be seasick!) …

I love the feeling of arriving in a new country and being amazed by a different culture, all the colors, the smells, etc. I also love posts from people thanking God for another day and celebrating having another opportunity to start again.

What happens to the memories of these wonderful feelings when people spend their time thinking, “How I wish I had …?”

How can we guide our thoughts to think about our blessings instead of “How I Wish?” How many of us imagine that others wish to be just like us? Life is not always fair, and I am writing all of this not only to remind you, but also to remind myself to be less critical of myself, to treat myself with more kindness, and to be my own best friend.

Life is too short, especially when we spend our time frowning and wishing we had, or we were, or we did.

To all the beauty in the world that only those who really love themselves can see and celebrate. Raise your head high and smile. You deserve to see the beauty and feel happy! 

Cheers to you!

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