Closing Sales and Keeping Clients Happy (Part 2)

Dear Travel Agents/Advisors,

I hope you were able to take advantage of the tools I provided last week, or at least they made sense and you can soon start using them.

Another important piece of advice is to always be yourself, and to continually try to improve to be the best self you possibly can be. It’s like playing a game or a sport, some people are just naturals, and some need a little more coaching. Eventually, when we put in the amount of dedication required, we all come out on top – it is just a matter of time. Clients appreciate this and can see who we are, and how much we care. That comes through right from the beginning, and even later in the “game.”

“Eat, live, love travel!”  Make travel a conversation piece wherever you go. For example, have a T-shirt with a picture of a beach with a saying, “Life is better on the beach.” Do the same for a purse or backpack, hat, or anything you wear that others can see. My suggestion is to introduce yourself slowly, like the new kid in town – so, I wouldn’t use the name of my company or my phone number. I would let people recognize me and approach me to talk about what they see. Just to have a chat, and when they ask what I do or if I sell travel, then I smile and say yes.

A travel seller can become like the popular kid in school that all the other kids want to hang out with and exchange phone numbers with. It’s different than with the pushy kid that tries to give everyone their phone number, LOL!

This plan is great for seeing people at church, grocery shopping, association clubs, at the pharmacy, in the neighborhood, especially when you have just started out, or decided to focus more on selling travel. It is also great for those who are selling travel on the side while having a full-time job.

Having a Specialty:  I usually recommend that a TA eventually find an area that he/she likes and feels most comfortable selling. Some people love to sell the Caribbean and cruises, others like to specialize in adventures, some like Asia, and others do river cruises and Europe. If you decide to sell the Caribbean and cruises as your specialty and someone approaches you and wants to visit the UAE, you can easily use your specialization and sell a cruise to that client, starting or ending in Dubai.

It is important to remember that by being a Travel Agent/Advisor you have the experience and expertise and you are sitting in the driver’s seat. Show your client a great vacation and you will have them for life!

Cheers to you!

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