Closing sales and keeping clients happy PART 1

Dear Travel Agents/Advisors,

How many requests from clients/prospective ones do you receive a week? How many proposals do you send? And how many of them turn out to become a sale?

What if I can give you some tools that can help you turn most of these into a sale?


TAs, I understand that the most common practice is to use the basic questions: when, where, how many people, and budget. Most of the communication is done by email with itineraries back and forth, follow up, and sometimes they end up becoming a sale. Others don’t.

Before I start giving you some of the tools, let’s think about a woman going to buy a dress for a very special occasion. She has a light blue dress in mind, and her budget is $300. She gets a salesperson who talks to her and understands how important this event is to her. Even though the salesperson understands the budget and color, based on her experience and expertise, she recommends a lavender colored dress, for which the price is $100 more. After the woman tries it on (a bit reluctantly) she feels like a princess and falls in love with the dress.

Even though your client/prospective one comes with a budget for a vacation and some other ideas in mind, they need the guidance, experience and expertise of a TA to have the PERFECT vacation. One that can make them feel special in the same way the lavender dress did in the example above.

One common “mistake” is using only emails to communicate with the client/prospective one to send proposals. It is sterile and lacks a personal touch, and the TA loses an opportunity to show their experience and expertise.

Another common “mistake” is to think that if the client/prospective outlines their preferences and/or budget they are not open to other ideas. Don’t be afraid to offer your expert opinion on what might suit them better. If they haven’t been to their preferred destination before, or if they are not familiar with the destination, the TA can and should guide them to something more appropriate by learning a bit more about the clients.

For example, a family of 5 (2 adults and 3 young kids) want to do a cruise on Azamara. Well, they may not know that Azamara doesn’t have ANY kid’s programs, so they will be miserable. Offer a cruise that is more kid friendly! It is definitely easier to explain this by phone than through proposals by email.

Next week I will bring you more tools. Don’t miss it! Meanwhile, feel free to reach out with any questions.

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