Can People Learn How to Sell?

Dear Travel Agents/Advisors,

There are many attributes that make a good Travel Agent/Advisor, and knowledge is a very important one. Caring is another. But your expertise in sales will seal the deal. How you go about it and your timing can make or break the sale.

If your client/prospective client feels pushed or rushed, it can backfire. When your response takes too long, the client could feel neglected and move on to another agent. Despite all your knowledge, if the client doesn’t feel convinced or enthusiastic, things can also backfire.

Some people are naturals at sales. It feels like they would sell their family members if they could, just for fun. Others, however, feel like they “unsell.”  For example, if you go to a specific store ready to buy a product and the salesperson “sells” you a reason not to buy it. You leave the store without the product asking yourself why you changed your mind when you were so ready to buy it?

Confidence shows in the voice and also on the skin. It is the same as for insecurity and fear – what people project can be felt and even “sensed” by the person on the receiving end.  The good news is that people can learn, and with practice and dedication can become as good (many times even better) than the natural salespeople. That is because they learn new techniques yet have also experienced rejection.

When I had my tour operator business for many years one of my areas of expertise was to teach my agents. I loved walking around the office listening to how they interacted on the phone.

Feel free to pick my brain. For me, sales is like playing my favorite sport, tennis. You need to stay on your toes for flexibility and pay attention so the ball does not hit you in the face!

Cheering for you!

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