Dear Travel Agents/Advisors,

Have you noticed an increase in bookings for 2021 and 2022? If you haven’t yet, you should get ready! Statistics show that 80% of people who traveled in 2019 will be traveling again in 2021. Most of them at least 2 times this year.

The number of people renewing or getting a new passport has increased. Check it out – and be aware that they don’t want any pictures showing glasses, in case you need them for reading.

As a Travel Advisor make sure your client’s passport is ready in time for their trip. Check the requirements and type of Covid tests accepted by CDC and the destination. Unfortunately, many airlines will not verify that everything is in order, and once the client arrives in the destination, she/he might find out they haven’t had the “right” test for Covid, and they may have to quarantine or get back on the next plane.

If you are using a Tour Operator, make sure all information is updated and that you trust this company. If you are the one putting the package together, make sure you have all information updated. Now, more than ever before, clients who have done their own travel arrangements in the past will be trusting travel advisors – even the most skeptical.

Many will be traveling for the first time and will need more TLC. They may have never been in a foreign country, or maybe never been on a plane before (can you remember your first time?)

Give 100% of your attention, and you will definitely have those clients for life!


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Ready or not, here we come!

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