The Best Kind of Clients

Dear Travel Agents/Advisors,

If you ask me where the best place to spend your money to attract the best kind of clients is, I will always answer:

1. in specializing your company in something you are good at

2. investing in attracting repeat clients and getting referrals.

By now, you have seen how I like to compare Travel Agents/Advisors with doctors. If you think I am stretching the truth too much, maybe you are not thinking about it carefully enough, or maybe you are not valuing your services enough. People coming back from a bad vacation are in a horrible mood –  even on the airplane coming home.

Travelers, like everyone else, prefer to be referred to a specialist, just as they would for a doctor. A travel advisor who sells everything could miss important information that may be very specific to some destinations. A travel advisor who specializes in the Caribbean for example, knows more about the possible direct flights to each island than someone who doesn’t specialize in that destination. They would know better which island caters to families and which ones are wedding destinations and so forth.

The same happens with client satisfaction. Like with doctors, clients will remember the name of their favorite Travel Agent. They love to brag and will make recommendations about how they got the best vacation. Repeat customer are essential to any business. They create the strong base of your business and their recommendations are your success –  the reason the business’ worth keeps growing. New clients coming to you from other venues are the icing on the cake (and now we’ll need to compare travel agencies with bakeries!)


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