Good Bye 2020

Dear All,

We have all seen the memes depicting the year 2020 in a big, smelly trash bag being dumped into the garbage by avatars. I wish it was that easy to get rid of a bad year.

I want to focus on the personal growth we have all gone through, intentional or not, during 2020. Smart were the people who took that growth and did something with it. Most of the time, learning is a difficult experience, and growing takes us to another level – but many times leaves us with painful bruises.

Oh my, so many bruises! Sometimes the pain that comes with learning and growing is so deep that we cry in front of others because we can’t hide it anymore. I know I have! But afterwards, once we look around and know we’ve survived and grown, we can even smile again.

I love to read mystery books, especially whodunnits. I truly enjoy them. Most of the time I read the reviews of the book after I have read it to see how many people agree with my opinion. Sometimes, I do the opposite and I read the reviews first. But, once in a while, I’ll even read the spoiler alerts first, and will then read the book only IF I like who did it.

Honestly, I like that foresight. I wish we could live like that. I wish I could somehow read the spoilers about my life, not too often, but especially when the pain of growing is so intense. I would like to know how the following years will end up. The bruises will probably still be there, but my heart will feel stronger and I would know to take care of myself during those harder steps.

Wishing you all a safe 2021 full of safe travels and celebrations.


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