Travel Agent Concierge

Dear Travel Agents/Advisors,

OK, call me crazy or perhaps a visionary – but I believe that like a great, special and brave doctors, Travel Agents/Advisors with great experience, specialization, and an impeccable reputation will end up charging a yearly fee for providing concierge services.

Travel Agents are basically on call 24/7 and travelers now know how important a Travel Agent/Advisor is to making or breaking a great vacation. Unfortunately, we have had to go through a horrible pandemic in order for travelers to truly understand how important a travel advisor is to their well-deserved vacation. Now, who can “afford” to make ANY mistakes booking a vacation? It could be “deadly” if a traveler gets stuck in the wrong place. Booking travel themselves or through the internet is the same as using Google as their doctor.

But how do you, a travel advisor, build your business to a higher level like that? First, think about specializing. Secondly, your time is money. Don’t work for free – even if you just charge a consultation fee that will be deducted once the traveler purchases the tour. Third, recommendations from previous clients and repeat clients are your goal. Fourth, keep updated and learning, no one knows it all.

Remember always – we create our destiny! Don’t daydream about what could, should, would have been, if only…. You can do it. If you need to, reach out to others who can help. There are always good people ready to help hard workers.

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