Preview of 2021

Dear Travel Agents/Advisors,

This blog is a small preview of what will happen in 2021, and no, I don’t have a crystal ball to see the future. I am basing my opinion on my experience, common sense, and a lot of what we all experienced in 2020.

Let’s start:

  • For all of those who did not use 2020 to promote yourself as a Travel Expert, now is time to use all your tools, and no excuses. Make yourself and travel talking points EVERYWHERE you go. Nickname yourself as Travel, Trip, Caribbean, Europe, Safari Expert – or an expert in whatever you specialize in.  Everyone who can afford to, and also those who can’t, will be wanting to book tours with REAL TRAVEL AGENTS/ADVISORS and you cannot miss this party!
  • Learn as much as you can about Travel Insurance (the good and more inclusive policies) because of 3 major possible issues:

    1. People giving a down payment on a trip and realizing they cannot afford to go and wanting their money back.
    2. Countries that decide to welcome ONLY people who’ve had a COVID vaccine, and certain people may be against the vaccination and have already partially or fully paid for a trip.
    3. In case someone gets COVID and needs treatment in a foreign country, learn what the travel insurance covers.
    Get all the information from the best Travel Insurance policy money can buy and explain to your clients that is better to laugh at the end of the trip than to cry before, during or after!
  • Spend New Year’s Day reviewing your company’s Terms and Conditions (if you haven’t done that yet). After Covid, many things should be reviewed. If your Terms and Conditions do not include the word “Covid” in relation to a major unseen catastrophe in certain paragraphs, it is for sure in need of update.
  • Another piece of advice I give to those who want to have a great 2021 but feel like they need a guiding hand, find a mentor who can give you some guidance for a successful year.

God bless you and cheers!

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