The Experience of 2020


Dear Travel Agents/Advisors,

I truly believe that in life you win or you learn. I do not believe in defeat and I avoid negative thoughts and negative people – PERIOD! The only negative people I like are the Covid-negative ones!

We don’t need a blog to tell us what a difficult year we are having. I leave memes about 2020 for the incredible people out there to create. My intention here is to bring some light to the end of the tunnel for those who are having a hard time seeing it. I admire those who are using every skill they possess to improve themselves, and who are taking this year as a gift as much as they can.

I for example, love to read books, mostly whodunnits and novels – this helps me escape reality, and it brings me happiness when I build my bucket list of places to visit based on those books.

My bucket list is not dead, kicked down the road, in the toilet, or being used in the garden; it is very much alive in my head and in my daydreams, and ready for when it is safe to go ahead stronger and with more purpose than before. We have ALL somehow been touched by the COVID experience, and now more than ever, understand how life is precious and fragile. The only thing that we know for sure in life is that one day we will be dead – in the meantime, it is our obligation to make the best of it.

For most of us, I can say for sure, the best of life involves travel. Travel when you feel safe but until then, be strong and build your bucket lists. Read books, watch movies, eat ethnic foods, experience the world with all of your senses, and believe that the light at the end of the tunnel is closer than your fear tells you it is.

Find your blessings and keep your bucket list ready to go. I am your cheerleader!

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