Cabin Fever


Dear Travel Agents/Advisors,

People who haven’t traveled at all this year are getting antsy, impatient, and irritated. Am I the only one who is noticing that?

August is starting, and those who have had their travel canceled, their dreams shattered, are stuck with Zoom meetings for most of their social interaction.

Actually, Zoom is a great tool to bring people together, and if you are careful enough, you can wear a nice top with pajama bottoms and nobody will know. Nicely comb your hair, do a little grooming and add some makeup (for women) and you are ready to go. Very convenient! But after 5 months of Zoom meetings, people seem to be getting less careful, or maybe they’re just tired of it. My last Zoom was very distracting, there were all kind of noises in the background, 2  people fell asleep (seriously, one was sitting down on a sofa), and 2 were doing Zoom laying down in bed. It was really hard to concentrate on the discussion. FYI – it was not a Happy Hour Zoom! LOL!

People are so ready for some type of vacation. They really need an expert to help them to do it safely. Think about promoting and charging for your expertise (if you haven’t done so yet). Putting an itinerary together takes time, even if it is a self-drive trip. Maybe you are not getting a commission, but you certainly deserve to charge upfront for your knowledge.

I believe in you! Your clients trust you. Do for yourself what is right: help your clients travel safe – and like a doctor or an attorney, charge them for your expertise.

I’ll have more about this topic – don’t miss my blog next week!

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