Reinvent 2020


Dear Travel Agents/Advisors,

Pack your suitcases, we are traveling!

For those who are not ready to do it physically, let’s do it emotionally. Feeling sorry about your travel business is not what your clients and prospective ones are looking for in an expert and professional consultant ready to take care of their needs.

We all know that selling travel is selling dreams. Not all the places our clients are interested in going are our favorite ones, not all their wishes would be our wishes, not all their bucket lists match ours…do you follow what am I saying?

What the best travel agents sell is themselves – and their positivity in making dreams a reality.

I have been watching cruise lines and other great companies selling different types of travel. They continue to sell dreams. People are buying too, because these companies are painting and designing such beautiful images – so colorful that even those who are colorblind can see the picture.

If clients give a deposit before the end of July, they can guarantee the price of a package –  land, cruise or whatever it is that they are selling, for any date in 2021.

Well, that is a nice way to build your client base, an awesome way to network, and  keeps you occupied instead of preoccupied with the news.

Reinvent 2020 as the year that you pre-sell all of 2021 with solid deposits. While other people are posting bad news and hatred, you can post beautiful pictures of nature, places to visit and cultures to be exposed to. Show how your positivity and smile can be contagious and show more of your best self. This time will pass, and next year you can collect all the fruits from a year well planted.


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