Recreating Memories

celebration-3414774_960_720Dear Travel Agents/Advisors,

We often meet clients who want to recreate an experience, or even a whole entire trip they have taken before. They had the best time and want to have the same wonderful time again. They ask for the same hotels, the same tours and even make sure to have the same tour guides.

As a travel agent/advisor we want to please our clients and make their wishes come true, but most of the time it is impossible to recreate a first impression.

I have learned to explain to my clients that they should compare this experience to the best surprise birthday party. Even if we invite the same people, have the same food, in the same place, and recreate every single detail, at least 2 things will be different: the surprise effect will not be the same, and we are a year older and more experienced, and a little different than we were the year before.

My advice is to try different hotels, experience different locations in the same country, and create new memories. Then, the client will be exposed to new adventures, like a brand-new surprise birthday party.

I just did that myself with Japan. In October last year we had an amazing time on a cruise all over Japan. Less than a month later, we booked another one for November this year. We used the same cruise line, but we made sure to enjoy different tours, and again we had an awesome time. We are talking about going again in a couple of years during cherry blossom season and experiencing Japan in a different way.

When a client asks to recreate a memorable trip, tell them about the surprise birthday party. I am sure they will relate to that and will look forward to creating new memories!


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