Dealing with Clients


Dear Travel Agents/Advisors:

We all have stories about clients who drove us insane with impossible requests, demanding so much that we were ready to scream at them (but we didn’t). These are the clients that make us forget for a moment how many nice ones are out there, who appreciate our services.

How many of us took it personally, and believed that we were not good enough, or later thought about something else we should have said to them, or given them a different answer.

I’ve had that experience many times before, and when the phone rang, just the thought of hearing that client’s voice would made my stomach turn.

Honestly, I was giving too much power to those clients, and forgetting who I really was. I know a lot about travel and I am humbled and honored to continue learning if I don’t know something. I can always get the information, and relay it to the client know later on.

Nothing about travel is a matter of life or death. ALL issues can be solved.

Blaming someone else is just a game, and I do not play games.

Problem clients are unhappy human beings who are scared, selfish and so afraid of life that the only way to “control” their lives is to be demanding and mean.

Do not fall for this! Do not try to analyze them and be their therapist or coach. Take care of your own sanity and know you are worthy of better treatment. If you can deal with them, good for you! If you can’t, this does not reflect badly on you, shame on them!

I am your cheerleader!

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