Is Laughter the Best Medicine?


Dear Travel Agents/Advisors,

If you ask me if I think laughter is the best medicine, I will always say that yes, it is.

It is much easier to laugh when life is good, on a sunny day at the beach with a pina colada, and it is much harder to even imagine even showing our teeth when problems and life get the best of us.

Honestly, I am more of a realist than an optimistic person, but I truly believe that dreamers and those who believe in the powers of a unicorn are the ones who will have the best life.

So, I have been doing more of that. Laughing at everything, even at my own mistakes. After all, we don’t take anything with us from this life when we’re gone, so we better enjoy every minute and not try to dwell on the negative.

Being angry and hating, as I have said many times, is like drinking poison but expecting the other person to die. Many people know about hatred, jealousy and other sick feelings. But, they hurt ONLY the person who has those feelings. Unfortunately, or fortunately (it depends which side you stand), they will not hurt the person intended.

So, what is the best way to live a life where you can grow and show how your life is as fulfilling and almost perfect like you see on Facebook? Laugh as loud as you can! Trust me, it is contagious. Others will feel better and you will too. Problems won’t be solved but the way you see and approach them will make them more tolerable.

To life and to laughter!

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