Unresolved Problems – A Good Market



Dear Travel Agents/Advisors,

This week I will continue to provide solutions to the “unresolved problems” of those who fear the unknown – now famously known as “The Untapped Market.”

  • Unfamiliar with the Visa process (when one is needed, how to get one).  
    A travel agent/advisor tells travelers which countries need a Visa based on the passport you have. Most countries issue a Visa upon arrival in the airport, so have some money prepared for that, and most of the time, fees are charged in US dollars.
  • Foreign currency – how to exchange, how to use, how much to tip, when to tip.    Most countries accept US dollars for most transactions. My advice is to exchange the minimum possible at the hotel or airport once travelers arrive in the country. They’ll want just enough for water and little souvenirs. Most places accept credit cards or US dollars and the exchange is very fair.  For Europe, I recommend exchanging to Euros and/or pounds, the dollar doesn’t carry as much weight there as it does in the rest of the world.  For tips: ask if the tips are included in the package. Some companies include all tips and gratuities. If not included, ask the travel agent/advisor about it. Some countries, like Japan, consider tips to be offensive.
  • Rules/Laws/Customs of foreign countries (do not want to get in trouble or offend people).
    A good travel agent/ advisor will guide the client to where they can find all information about how to be polite in a foreign country, but my best advice is to smile. A bright smile can always bring good karma and it is translated in every language.
  • Responsibility for travel companions (feeling like being the blind leading the blind!).
    I strongly recommend joining a group and having the tour leader be the responsible one – especially for travel beginners.
  • Worry something will go wrong – what to do if a flight delay, or transfers not there, or hotel reservation not available.
    Again, I definitely suggest using a travel agent/advisor, and participating in group travel with a tour leader. On top of all of that – travelers should get travel insurance. Now, all bases are covered. If something goes wrong, you have a phone number to call. The person on the other end will help the client. Remember to download a deep-breathing app on the cell phone for relaxation. Also very important is to write a list of all “problems” that could go wrong, and discuss these with the travel agent, travel insurance agent and tour leader (you’ll want to talk to each one of them.)
  • Cell phone service.
    Call your cell phone company and ask about travel plans. I have AT&T and we pay $10 a day for all calls, unlimited emails, texts etc.
  • How to deal with jet lag.  
    The best way possible to deal with jet lag is to avoid naps and go to sleep in the night time of the place you are. During daytime, stay outside as long as possible to avoid the craving for a nap.
  • What to do if an emergency happens at home.
    Travel Insurance deals with any emergencies anywhere. If a problem happens at home, the tour leader can get you in touch with your travel insurance while you’re abroad, and change the ticket to come home sooner.

Don’t stop living a great life because of a fear of the unknown. No one can control everything in anyone’s life. Those who fear airplanes could die of a plane crashing on top of their homes. Live your life to the fullest so you regret nothing.

Cheers to living the greatest life, because that is my goal!

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