Being successful with the unknown


Dear Travel Agents/Advisors,

This week I will follow up on my blog from last week about an untapped market of People who “don’t want to” or “don’t like to” travel. These excuses translate to a “fear of the unknown” more than any other reason.

Today we will review how to deal with some of their reasons, give these people assurance, and a reason to turn to you, their hero:

  • Money – not enough! LOL! What to do if emergency arises and they cannot pay – I want to address this one with a special blog since there are lots of ways to deal with this sensitive situation. Please check back in two weeks!  
  • Inability to speak foreign language – I truly believe that a smile speaks louder than any other words. Also, learning some basic words is fun and gives travelers something to look forward to, and thirdly, suggest traveling with a small tour group. These are the best pieces of advice for everyone, on every budget! 
  • Discomfort or fear of plane rides – If you ask most people who travel, they will confess that they don’t like the plane ride, going through TSA, standing in line, changing planes and so forth. Show me anyone who likes every little detail that they go through every single day to achieve what they want or love?  This is why there is booze and meds. Take advantage, but don’t abuse 😜!
  • Flight delay/cancellation causing missed connections or missed cruise departure –   Travel Insurance combined with the help of an expert Travel Agent/Advisor who has explained all the pros and cons of a direct flight if available or arriving a day prior if possible. It’s like having an umbrella on a day with guaranteed sunny weather. 
  • No passport – unfamiliarity with them – how many pages you need, one country not wanting another country’s stamp – If your US passport was issued when you were 16 years old or older, your passport is valid for 10 years. If your US passport was issued when you were 15 years old or younger, your passport is valid for 5 years.   For More information check:

Next week, I’ll provide more solutions for other reasons travelers have. Please come back to learn more. Meanwhile, I want to hear from you – your opinions and how to deal with the reasons above.

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