What about money?

food-686922_960_720Dear Travel Agents/Advisors,

As we well know, the number one reason most people give as an excuse or reason NOT to travel is money. When I say “excuse” or “reason” I am doing so on purpose, because who can argue with such a strong justification like that? Who are you to tell me how I should prioritize my spending? Why should I explain my bank account to you?

End of the discussion!

Well, money is a matter of priority. Some people don’t have the money to travel, but drink Starbucks daily or twice a day – a grande latte with 2 Splenda and soy milk, extra hot. Others swear they can’t afford to travel, over a 6-inch Subway Rotisserie-Style chicken sandwich. And, how about the combo size popcorn and coke at the movies every weekend, because we all need a reward after a hard and long work week!

But talking seriously now, once we retire, when the children are out of the house, there is less stress dealing with grandchildren rather than children – we all know in our hearts there will be money down the road for some travel, right?

People are allowed to lie to themselves, who am I to judge? But, these are all excuses, because it is easier to believe that there is no money to travel than to face the FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN!

People should face their fears and talk to a trustworthy travel agent/advisor and make a deposit on a well-deserved, rewarding trip. Prepare your coffee and lunch at home and sneak a Kit Kat from the supermarket into the movie theater. No one really cares but you! Take care of yourself first, be proud of your accomplishments, and reward yourself with a vacation that you can afford. You deserve it and can work on the scary fear of dealing with the unknown. You are not alone, and a great travel agent will guide you through.

Remember, the best taste in life is learning something new -such as getting rid of a fear, and it is fun to take lots of pictures of the places you visited, being proud and brave!

Money is just an instrument between you and your happiness. Make it work for you, not against you!

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