Helping Build a Bucket List



Dear Travel Agents,

Encouraging people to travel is easy.  Helping them to decide where to go can be a bit more difficult.  Many clients have a clear idea of their destination and the type of vacation they want to have, but some people have so many ideas that it is hard to keep all those thoughts organized.

Once people begin traveling, they become braver and a desire to experience more of the world is born.  They may see an advertisement or a movie where the scenery is so appealing they want to explore it for themselves.  They may want to float in a gondola in Italy, or see Machu Picchu in Peru, or walk the Great Wall of China.  These trips are all very different, and not practical to combine.  So, what are they to do with all of these ideas, and how will you always know what they are thinking about?

Collaboration is key for you to be able to best assist your clients.  Thanks to today’s technology there are programs and apps that help travelers build bucket lists.  I have recently learned about another software that can help travel agents work together with their clients and explore different destinations through images and information from tourist boards, and travelers themselves.  Using this, you will get a clearer idea of their wishes, and help to steer them towards the best vacation experiences for their next vacation, and for future ones.  This is a service you can provide to your clients to assist them in building their own personal bucket lists, but will also give you knowledge of how best to make their travel dreams come true. This software is customizable for each agent in both price and functionality, allowing you to work with your clients in a way that is comfortable for you.

The company who offers this software approached me and asked me for a review.  After checking out their website and asking questions, I believe that what they are offering would be of value to agents. I am not affiliated with them in any way, but want to let travel agents know that there are new and helpful ways to collaborate with clients and build long-lasting relationships. Would you and your clients benefit from this type of organizational and collaborative package?  If you would like to learn more, I would be happy to provide the company’s contact info.

All the best,

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