Creating Lifelong Clients

Dear Travel Agents/Advisors,

I am writing this blog from the incredible Celebrity Beyond. It cost over $1 billion to build and you can see what a beauty she is. I highly recommend that you experience this ship, and/or book your clients on her. Every detail is so well thought out, even on the at-sea days you don’t feel crowded.

Well, I am impressed indeed, but I am also a cruise lover and enjoy a good cruise when I take one – just like a wine aficionado, you need one to know the other!

Now, how can you turn a person who has never been on a cruise into a cruise lover? Or how can you make a non-traveler into a travel addict?

These people have always been my biggest challenges and my favorite future clients.

To sell a cruise to a cruiseaholic is easy, they are already shopping and the travel agent/advisor who shows them that they care the most gets the client (notice that I didn’t say best price!)

Now, how can you convert a traveler into a cruiser? Show them a cruise where the food is awesome, the nightlife has a bit of everything and is high quality, where they don’t feel crowded, they experience great service, and the price justifies the expense. Don’t base prices on YOUR budget, give them a product that they will love, and you will have a client for life. Not only that, they might just book their next cruises while on that cruise!

How do you convert a “stay at home, can’t afford it, and don’t enjoy travel” into a travel addict?

These are the forgotten clients, and honestly they are the best once you get them, and you can, for life, just hold their hands!

Fear is their middle name: fear of the unknown, fear of how to, fear of what can possibly go wrong, and fear of changes. They need someone with special powers to make them feel comfortable and explain every detail – even how to pay for the trip, how to get to the airport, what comes next, and after that. Many need help even with how to pay monthly, because for them, money is like water and it is so hard to save enough to pay all at once.

I know that not everyone was born to be a teacher and a bank teller at the same time, but after a couple of times it becomes like teaching a little kid to ride a bike and then, they will ride every time with YOU!

Finding the clients who were not available and making them your best clients is the best advice I can give for the new year! Happy 2023!


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