And How Was Your Flight?

Dear Travel Agents/Advisors,

Even after an ideal vacation on a cruise on the sensational Celebrity Beyond, with incredible weather in the Caribbean, a few days prior and afterward in Florida, it was proven to me once again that we have no control over everything.

We didn’t want to rush from the cruise to our flight back home, so we spent an extra night in a beautiful boutique hotel in Miami, only 15 minutes away from the airport. It was the perfect plan to end our vacation. We enjoyed a delicious lunch and dinner and the view from our room on the 38th floor.

We arrived at the airport with plenty of time to enjoy the Delta Sky Club, then board the plane and sit in the “old” first class where the seats don’t recline, and it is a bit more comfortable than in an economy seat. I was happy to leave MIA at 8:55am EST and arrive in LAX at 11:45am PST.  Enough time for a nice lunch at home and a rest.

The plane left the gate and less than 3 minutes later the Captain announced that because of the weather in the middle of the country on the way to LAX, there would be problems and he was checking with the tower to get another route. Between that first announcement and the actual  time we left again, 5 hours went by with all of us still inside the plane. There was also a caveat: we needed to stop in Salt Lake City to change crew because it was going to be overtime for them.

Shouldn’t a nonstop flight cost more than a flight with a stopover? Well, that day it didn’t.

And what about food? I have had enough potato chips, pistachios and almonds to last me for over a year. That was my “lunch” and “dinner” because after stopping in SLC  for over 45 minutes we finally flew to LAX. By the time I got my suitcase (this is the last time I will ever take a real suitcase instead of only carry-ons on a cruise!!!!) we arrived home at 9:27pm PST (instead of noon-ish!) 

I was tired, irritated and jet lagged because of this extra long flight that had absolutely nothing to do with our beautiful vacation. Luckily I didn’t have a Travel Agent calling me to follow up with me, because at that time I was not in my best mood. This is why I always recommend waiting at least a week to follow up, so a hiccup like this will not point a finger at the wrong person!


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