Bringing out the best in everyone


Dear Travel Agents/Advisors,

How can we be grateful and find happiness during this horrible pandemic that has killed many people so far, and disrupted so many lives?

Those who have read my previous blogs know that it is my commitment in life to be resilient, and try to bring hope and cheer to those who need it and are open to that.

If you ask me specifics about how Travel Agents/Advisors can spend their time now until (hopefully only April 30th) while staying safe at home, it would be to reach out to prospective clients and those who are already clients. They are all people who are feeling very vulnerable, and are eager to hear hopeful news.

Travelers will want to go back to traveling safely as soon as they can. How about getting them some great deals for New Year’s? How about 2021 (with no virus!)

Just don’t push sales down their throats; show compassion, let them know how vulnerable and real you are (after all, you are not a search engine!) You too have feelings and are ready to be a sounding board for them, make any changes they need and will give them the best advice. Be sure to especially recommend Travel Insurance.

We all know that people who booked travel and hotels with search engines are now stuck. If they contacted the hotels, they can’t get their refunds. We also know that people who used travel agents/advisors are safe and getting their money back.

Use this time as an investment to reach out to clients you haven’t had time to keep in touch with. Tell them how you are working to make sure you will always be on their side and protect their safety first. Tell them how you believe that the travel industry will come back because no traveler can survive without recharging. Tell them how you believe in Travel Insurance (maybe even CFAR – cancellation for any reason). Tell them why you are the right advocate for their travels.

Connect, be kind, be yourself.

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