Friends and Followers on Social Media


Dear Travel Agents/Advisors,

I have to confess that I spend a lot of time on social media, mostly on Facebook and Instagram seeing what my “friends” post. I have noticed that most people have a style when on social media. When I read a post, I can usually tell who posted it before even looking at the name. Some people are advertising very directly, other posts are God/Jesus oriented, some people talk about personal issues, and others share their feelings about how tired they are about life in general. Some people are extremely political, some just want to wish a good morning or beautiful day. Get where I am going?

I believe that the posts reflect how these “friends” are in real life very predictably. Some I would be happy to deal with and have around me, but honestly, there are others I would prefer to keep at a distance.

Why am I saying this? If you are using your Facebook for business and/or promoting your business at any level, think of how you want to present yourself to your prospective clients; how you want people to see you. Social media is a window to the world.

When someone consults with me about how to grow his/her business, I ask to see their social media so I can understand a bit more about who that person is. I ask questions about what I am seeing, my understanding of what they post, and if that person is presenting themselves in the way others should see them as well.

We should use social media as a vehicle to promote who we are as a person. We want to attract the right people closer to us, and to build a nice niche where we can feel comfortable being ourselves. This is the niche group that will hopefully cheer for us, get excited with us, and where we feel comfortable being ourselves. It doesn’t matter how many “friends” or “followers” we have since we are building a good and strong base of people.

Think about who you really are and if your social media reflects your true self. Then, friends and followers will come naturally.

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