Why, when and where to travel


Dear Travel Agents/Advisors,

Have you ever wondered why, where, and when is travel so important for people? Are you able to respond when someone asks you these things?

Let’s start with why travel is important. Even for the people who say they are afraid of traveling, think they don’t need to, or scream from the top of their lungs that they can not afford to. Going to a pleasant environment – even if it’s only for a short time, gives someone feelings of peace, forgiveness, new hope, new aspirations and many other positive thoughts. It is like walking on a new path after going in circles for so long. The fact is, a pattern gets broken, and a person can then see the same situation with a different vision or sight.

Where should a person travel? Going back to the idea of a person walking in circles and then breaking a pattern so they experience a different vision over their lives, I would go a little deeper and ask where it is that they feel most at peace or more fulfilled. Some like the desert, others need to be close to the water. I love being near the forest and animals. Luckily, the world offers all kinds of geography and topology for all kinds of people and budgets.

When should people travel? The ideal answer is as often as they need or want to, even if just for a weekend to a place that is “almost just around the corner.”  Some people only consider it travel when they are able to get far away from home. I wish I could do this every other month (while in good health!)

Whenever and wherever you go, make sure to disconnect from worries, from old and negative behaviors, and try to enjoy every single minute you have ahead. Absorb all the good and positive energy to reinvigorate yourself, so when you’re back to walking in circles again, you can see the sun, smell the flowers, and feel the presence of your new self.

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