It is Time


Dear Travel Agent,

Those of you who know I had a tour operator business for over 23 years, also know I worked mostly with travel agents. I became friends with my clients and travel agents and they loved to ask me what months of the year I made more bookings. In which months our company was busier.

Honestly months didn’t vary. Luckily, business steadily increased, but we didn’t notice any big variation in which months this happened.

My school background is in business administration, with a minor in psychology. I learned at school and in life that most people purchase on an impulse in the spur of the moment. Most people are visual, others act by impulse when they hear, taste or smell something.

With travel, when someone watches a movie or sees pictures of a place, they want to go there. If they listen to a story, hear news about a place, or eat food from a different country, they crave seeing and being there. Impulsiveness is the name of the game, and when they are ready to book, you need to be their next thought, and a phone call away.

How can you be sure that every time a person who knows you thinks about traveling, they will think of you?

Keep showing up! On all social media, with weekly emails, bi-weekly texts, be present and remind them that life is short and sweet, and that no one should waste life by standing still, by not experiencing new places or different cultures. Travel until the whole world becomes one big well-known place, worth living in and being explored.

Let everyone knows that acting impulsively is normal and good and that you are there to make it all worthwhile.

Live, love, and travel like there is no tomorrow, and your world will be a better place!

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