Present Yourself!



Dear Travel Agent,

Now is the time to present yourself to the world (your world) and proudly introduce you!

First, find a title that best matches your personality and that people can easily relate to you. Many like to be called Travel Agent. Some prefer to be called Travel Expert (perhaps they specialize in a specific area) and others call themselves Travel Consultants.  My two-cents on this is to be creative, yet at the same time, don’t make them run away from you. If you wish, find a title that can used as a conversation piece once anyone asks what do you do, but by the same token, don’t be so creative that you scare them away.

I compare this with choosing a name for a child. It is nice to have a unique name, but you need to consider that they will have to spell it at school and at work, or that it might lead to a nickname you’d prefer they didn’t have.

I could write his whole blog post about your title, but let’s move ahead and talk about YOU. Let’s make you shine! How? I like this question a lot (LOL!)

We will not talk about social media now, let’s talk about another way of presenting yourself. Do you go places? Do you interact with other people? Do you have a job? Choose to wear pieces that will provide a conversation starter; wear a pin from Alaska, a scarf from Cancun, a bracelet or tie from Jamaica, drink from a bottle from Barbados. When traveling, purchase different souvenirs and wear them on regular basis. Let people ask you about where you got that item, and then talk about what you do. Then, give them your business card. Always have them handy!

And if they don’t talk to you? Talk to them! People like compliments; say something nice about what they are wearing or their hair (be careful in this department – men are sensitive about their baldness, and women don’t always like theirs) and they’ll talk back. Show and tell, like and be nice.

For your business card, and most importantly, on all social media, I recommend that you have your picture, at least of your face. Don’t use one from when you were in high school, but choose a newer one, and SMILE! The most beautiful feature on any person is a sincere, friendly smile.

Now you are ready to make your presentations and send your proposals!  YOU ROCK!

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