Sending the proposal


Dear Travel Agent,

As many of you remember. I had a tour operator business for over 23 years. I worked hand-on with travel agents, talking with them, and teaching them how to best serve their clients.

One point we always stressed was how to present a proposal to the client and prospective ones.

The biggest question was how much information to send, and how to send it.

Many agents just wanted to send a price and what the tour package included. I used to say that that was fine for those clients who wanted to compare with another quote. Like going to a farmer’s market and shopping for tomatoes: people have choices and can clearly see size, color and price. In some cases, they are lucky enough to be able to taste a little piece to help them make up their minds.

With tour packages, you are not just selling a product, you are selling more; a dream with your services attached to it. Give them what they really want. Send them some pictures, some tips about the destination, some important information about traveling. I said SOME not all, engage them to let them know you are not just a middle person, but your knowledge and experience will help them have a successful trip. Sell yourself in this proposal.

I remember my first proposal as a travel agent, 25 years ago. It was a honeymoon to Greece. Honestly, I didn’t even know where Greece was. I couldn’t Google, it did not exist yet. I personally went to a library and learned as much as I could. Then I got a tour operator who helped me. With all this new knowledge, my prospective clients became my first clients. Unfortunately, their marriage didn’t last – but they loved their honeymoon!

Your proposal is your chance to sell yourself! Learn more, and feel free to pick my brain!

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