Making Money Selling Air – a Resource for Agents


Why do we sell travel? Once we cross off the top reasons, such as the fact that we LOVE travel, and we WANT to make people’s dreams come true – we get to the bottom line. We sell travel because it is our business, and we are in business to make money.
Selling airfare is an aspect of travel that can be quite profitable, but many agents think they can no longer make money selling airfare to their clients. They are wrong! If an agent builds a relationship with an Air Consolidator, not only will they be able to sell a complete travel package to every client – they will also make more money for themselves!
Almost every trip has an airfare component. If your clients are traveling internationally to take a tour, they need to get there. If they are taking a cruise, they need to be at the port to embark. Even when visiting family across the country, they will want to fly.
You may not always be able to save your clients a huge amount of money when booking air as compared to booking online – but you will be offering them all the support that a consolidator can offer. In the event that they need assistance with a flight change, or re-routing, a consolidator can help. Try to get that type of assistance from an online booking service! You just can’t.
I have found a great resource that can teach agents about working with air consolidators, and offers information about many companies who sell airfare ONLY to travel agents. I suggest you visit ( and learn a little more about making money selling airfare!

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