Travel and the Coronavirus


Dear Travel Agents/Advisors,

How are your clients acting regarding Coronavírus for trips they’ve already booked?
Are they scared?
Trying to cancel?
How are you addressing this issue?

Let me start by saying that each case should be addressed individually: by how old the client is, how healthy they are, which country they will be visiting, and even what kind of travel insurance they purchased.

Age is a big factor for Coronavírus and/or any flu. The elderly have a harder time, and most deaths are among older people and those with low immune systems, and those who are already sick with other health problems. Younger and healthy people have a greater chance of full recovery after being exposed.

Caution is a must ANYTIME and ANYWHERE. Honestly, the signs that say “wash your hands after using the toilet” are not for entertainment or decoration on the wall. Then use hand sanitizer, and if they dry your skin, use hand lotion to treat your skin nicely. Washing hands is more effective than wearing masks to prevent Coronavírus, or any kind of flu.

How does the virus spread around? By someone with the virus sneezing and/or coughing without covering their mouth or nose (a mask is a good way to protect others if the person with the virus is wearing one). Airborne fluids can land on the face of another person and there is a good chance that germs will be spread, especially if the hands come into contact with the fluids.

I am not a doctor, but I strongly believe that the more we learn about the facts of Coronavírus, sparing the fears and myths and misinformation, the better we all can continue enjoying life. Remember that the virus is now in the US and Canada as well.

There are very few UNSAFE countries, most are as safe as the US or Canada.

With regard to Travel Insurance, fear of Coronavírus is not covered, unless the client purchased a policy with CFAR (cancel for any reason) which most people don’t purchase because it is expensive.

My philosophy of life is – you only regret the trips you didn’t take. Find an excuse to travel and enjoy life to the fullest.

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