Addicted to Travel

Dear Travel Agents,

If I could ask each and every one of you why you SELL travel, I’m sure I could predict a lot of the different answers. All great reasons, and plenty of perks.
My favorite one is to have fun! Yes, many travel agents enjoy what they do and have fun talking about and selling travel. That is a great success in life. No matter how you do it, or when you do it: have fun!

I had fun writing positive posts last week using common English idiomatic expressions.

As a Brazilian who loves to see the sun, I live in sunny Southern California. Right now we are dealing with June gloom. Even with that…. let’s have fun and make positive posts!

Clients and prospective clients can feel our energy; they feel when we are having fun. Fun and travel go together, like beautiful music to the ear. Let’s make all of our clients addicted to travel, and have fun finding the next destination for them to dream about.
I confess, I am a travel addict and I love it! I just returned from Cuba, and will soon be leaving to visit Kenya and Tanzania, followed by a cruise to Alaska in August. I am also planning a trip to New Zealand and Australia. Later, I will take a cruise to the Caribbean. So far, I have been only to Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Cuba.

How about you? Are you addicted to travel too?

Let me know by email at or leave a comment below!

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