How old are you?


I love this question! Seriously! I love it!
By the time you read this I will be 71 “countries” old! My bucket list is still huge, because out of all the 28 countries in the Caribbean, I have only been to the Dominican Republic.
I remember that two year ago, in December 2014, I posted a picture of Petra, Jordan on my Facebook page saying: “Celebrating my 60th… that is!” I got so many fun comments.
The reason I am writing about this is not to brag about how “old” I am, but to inspire you to start bringing this tradition to your friends, family, clients and prospective clients. It is like poking them. They start counting how “old” they are. They then think of creating a bucket list and planning their goals for how “old” they want to be by 2020. It is such a nice topic of conversation. And a face-to-face conversation can be so fun! People get a pen and paper and start writing their list of countries. They even ask if they should count the Vatican or Monaco as a country. And how about Puerto Rico? How about stopping at a foreign airport, does that count as a country?
Watch how people’s mood change. They get excited, they smile, they start their big bucket list, and voila! You can then make sure to tell them that travel is your business! Talk to them about some of the countries you know very well (from being there, or by having learned as much as possible), and then give them your personal opinion. Sharing your personal opinion is always a nice thing to do. Because it is personal, no one needs to agree with you 100%, but sharing it shows how much you care.
Remember to use humor when you have this conversation face-to-face. The “older” people want to be, the more chances you have to gain a forever client.
I am getting close to my first goal, which is to be 75, and my second goal is 120!
How “old” are you? How “old” do you want to be?
Happy Birthday everyday! I wish you many memorable travels!
Share this on your social media, and let them dream!

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