It is a lot of money!

Dear Travel Agents/Advisors,

Every time someone uses the word expensive, they are making a judgment. A judgment is a characteristic that is determined by a person, but not by a search engine. As travel agents, we need to get rid of any judgment when quoting prices to a client or prospective ones. The only thing we should do is to provide a reality check (when the budget is too small for what they are requesting), so we do not waste anyone’s time.

The word or notion of expensive should be erased from all travel agent’s minds. I have seen clients coming in with a budget of $10,000 per person to destinations such as Tanzania in high season (migration), and who then ended up spending over $20,000 per person for accommodations, private tours and vehicles, once everything else was included.

Remember that what someone else’s priority is may not necessarily be yours. What someone else’s lifestyle is isn’t necessarily yours. It is best not to pass any judgment by thinking that anything is expensive, or even worse – saying it to a client!

I strongly believe that this is one important factor for the success of any travel agent. Once all judgment is off the table, clients will feel much more understood and comfortable in recommending their travel agent to friends and family they really like.


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