You Are The Shining Star!

Dear Travel Agents/Advisors,

As a travel mentor, I get many new TA’s concerned with how to promote themselves, and before they start working with me they have already spent a great deal of money on their websites. I don’t want to criticize their choice of spending money on a very complex website once they are already committed, BUT how are they going to drive people to their website? Some people buy a package that includes social media posts in addition to their website, and who knows what else. Then, the TA has to spend hours involved in learning new technology and whatever else might attract a possible prospective clientele.

I believe in spending less money, and buying t-shirts, caps, and souvenir bags in all the different countries I visit and expose clients to all the places I’ve gone. Wear the t-shirt you just bought in Jamaica, bring to church the bag from the cruise line you sailed, and wear to the supermarket the cap you got in Cancun, etc. Make each “souvenir” a conversation piece, and make your FACE get recognized as a TRAVEL AGENT/ADVISOR. Don’t give out your business card right away, only if the person asks for it. Be playful, be fun, make them notice that you are a TA.

In case you don’t have any “souvenirs” to wear, buy them! Google funny travel t-shirts or funny travel caps and buy some. You can buy bags from cruises online. Wrap your car if you want to. Make yourself shine and be the star. Make everyone in your community know who you are. Spend your time learning more about travel and destinations, get yourself a mentor or mentors and spend your time and money wisely.

Some of the best TA’s don’t even have a website because they are too busy selling and don’t have time to update the information on their website.

Think about it!


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