Promote Yourself

Dear Travel Agents/Advisors, 

I know many travel agents who struggle with the question of where they should advertise for new clients. I am asked about this at least once a week, and I totally understand the need to know the best places when spending time and money on advertising. If I claim to know so much about the travel business and volunteer my help for free, I should be able to guide you to the best places to find new clients. Fair enough!

Advertising works to reinforce both brands and names. The more exposure a name or a brand gets, the more positively the public reacts. The best places to advertise cost much more than places with less exposure. To produce and place a good advertisement, a chunk of money will need to be spent. It will assure people that your business is a good and reputable one. It will not guarantee that prospective clients won’t still try to get a bargain on your prices, copy and paste packages from another company to try to get the same price, or be rude.

The best advertising comes from you. Value your clients more. Remember their birthdays and important dates, and acknowledge these by sending a card, a little gift, or something that matters. Keep in touch with them. Befriend them on different social media sites, and take your time to comment and like their posts. Continually send them information about specials to different places, and times of the year. Good clients will help you build your reputation.  Happy people who have received the generosity of their travel agent/friend will go out of their way to spread the word about you and your business. And the cost is almost FREE!

There are many prospective clients out there. They can come to you through advertisements or by recommendation. Be the smart agent who has a great reputation and is known for your kindness. Meanwhile, spend your money on acquiring more knowledge, and by traveling. Take the time to send pictures of great places you have the opportunity of seeing. It really pays to discover the world.

Happy Travels! 

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