Dealing With Budget & Fear

Dear Travel Agents/Advisors, 

How many of your clients can travel often? How many clients have been referred to you?

These are rhetorical questions, I am not trying to do a survey, but just want you to reflect on these questions.

A travel agent’s world would be a perfect place if all of their clients would travel a few times a year, and if they all referred their friends and families, and their friends and families would take their recommendation and become perfect clients, and so on….

Unfortunately, not every client can travel that often because of that important word – “budget.”  Others don’t want to  travel to certain destinations or even cancel their plans because of another word – “fear.” (Of hurricanes, terrorism, earthquakes, security, epidemics, etc.)

Let’s focus on BUDGET. This is a very personal and delicate subject that needs to be discussed with each of our clients. Some wise posts on social media can put a great spin on this conversation, and make great points about the benefits of travel. I do this quite often in my posts, by using comparisons, for example:  

1) Travel is cheaper than Botox, it doesn’t hurt, and it lasts longer! 

2) An experienced travel agent may be able to help you better than a therapist can. Tell them your problems and she/he will send you to a paradise destination.

3) Cigarette smokers who quit a pack a day habit can pay for travel once a year

4) Coffee drinkers who limit going to a coffee shop only once a week can definitely save for a nice trip. 

5) Bringing lunch from home instead of eating out everyday is another great example for savings 

6) Traveling once a year keeps the doctor away. (Being more relaxed and less stressed can help reduce the effects of diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc.)

By giving your clients food for thought, you can help them prioritize things in their lives, and provide an incentive to budget more for travel. You are just stating the truth, and showing them reasons that living a full and enjoyable life has an impact on that other word: FEAR.

We should live every day to the fullest, enjoy every picture, every place and every memory. Life in this world happens only once, so we need to make the most of it.


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