Have Your Cake and Eat it Too!

Dear TAs,

I have a theory. People feel more comfortable selling what they themselves like better than selling what they don’t. Let me explain this more clearly. Travel agents who enjoy cruises have an easier time selling cruises than selling land packages, and vice versa.

I have spoken to many travel agents who have only experienced cruises to the Caribbean and feel very comfortable selling them to their clients. I don’t blame them. After all, they know the product and can personally recommend it. But what if their prospective client wants to experience a safari? Or to discover The UAE? Or even to start experiencing the Seven Wonders of the World? Chances are, as a travel agent, you would have to refer your prospective client to another expert, OR get out of your comfort zone and learn more about land packages.

My question to those who are experienced with cruises in the Caribbean – should you be proactive and start learning more about other destinations and other kinds of packages, or should you choose to specialize in cruises?

I ask the same question to those agents who avoid selling cruises and feel more comfortable selling land packages. Should you start learning about cruises for your prospective clients in case they request one, or specialize in land packages, or specific destinations and types of activities?

My honest opinion is that you can choose to do either one! You can specialize in some areas or destinations and become the best you can be. Another option is to learn as you go. For this you will need to rely on Tour Operators who are travel agent friendly, that take their time guiding and teaching, who have a great reputation, and most importantly, will help you look good to your clients.

There really isn’t a better way; it all depends on the direction you want to take your business.

Remember, travel is a business where the clients are seeking fun, and they are looking for a reliable and caring travel agent. You, the travel agent, should enjoy what you do, show clients how much fun travel is, keep smiling and make it easy for the traveler. Don’t stress over it. Do what makes YOU happy and your clients will feel rewarded!


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