Picture Perfect

Dear Travel Agents Advisors,

Have you been following my last 2 blogs? I hope so!

For those who have, we talked about seeing a “picture” from the client’s point of view, and last week I told you my “picture perfect” from the personal taste of a Travel Expert (per se).

Now, how can you put the two together? First, I know I love cruises so I can easily say that I would want to specialize in cruises and land tours (remember that I mentioned this in my last blog?) I also described my personal experience with cruising, so I know a bit. Also, I know that I don’t know enough about other cruises, so right away I know I should sign up to learn more about them. 

I could also prepare a spreadsheet with points that are important to most people comparing cruise details, including:

  • restaurants
  • dress code
  • room service
  • entertainment
  • kid friendly
  • kid’s clubs
  • smoking areas
  • cabin size
  • handicap rooms
  • swimming pools

I know some people are very good with spreadsheets, and you can see from my blog that this is not my forte (thank God I have 2 awesome sons, LOL!)

My point is, the more specific comparison your spreadsheet shows in terms of cruise amenities, the better you can assist your client in making their “cruise picture” a total reality, because YOU are the expert and YOU have the tools to do it!  When they ask you why you are recommending this cruise instead of another, you can tell them it is because the only phone call you want to get from them AFTER or even during the cruise, is to book another one! Or you can go over every point, and every pro and con of the cruise you feel is best for them. The choice is yours!


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