Working on your Picture Perfect

Dear Travel Agents/Advisors,

Last week we talked about hair, haircuts and hairdressers, and even compared them to travel experts!

I hope you had the opportunity to think about this while talking to a client or prospective one, trying to see the “picture” they had in their mind, and not just listening to their requests.

As many of you know, I travel quite often (but not as often as I’d like to.) I love cruises and land tours (FAM TRIPS included).

I love to cruise with Celebrity and Azamara. Here are some of the reasons why: I like their itineraries a lot. Before dinner we enjoy a great show in the beautiful theater. Dinner seating every night is at the same table, and the maître d’ shows me the menu for the next night so we can modify it for my allergies. Once I get to our table where others are savoring the delicious bread and butter, I have warm gluten free bread and olive oil waiting for me.

After dinner we go dancing, and once we get back to the room, we prepare our request for a room service breakfast (we like our breakfast in the room for many reasons: portion control, my allergies, and less noise than in the buffet room) all at no extra charge.

It is very important to us that these cruises are not-so kid friendly (trust me on this!) IF they say they have a kid’s program, they probably do a superb job because I never hear kids screaming or crying anywhere. I have nothing against kids, but having adult sons and no grandchildren yet, I like to live my vacations scream free!

I honestly have tried cheaper cruises, but I don’t appreciate being nickel and dimed for extra money to send a sparkling water to my room, or paying extra money for room service, beyond what I have already paid for a package. Some other cruise lines like Celebrity unfortunately don’t fulfill some of our important requirements like a dining room or great shows.

There are some other more expensive cruise lines that we want to try, but they will definitely need to justify the upgrade in pricing for us to go for it.

Do you really know what you like?


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