Travel Expert or Hair Expert?

Dear Travel Agents/Advisors,

Who cuts your hair?

Seriously! This question is for everyone, including men and even the boldest of my followers. We all know that sometimes we make a mistake and get a bad haircut. But, it is just hair and we can wear a cap or even a nice wig and eventually it grows back. But for a while, we need to face the mirror and remember this bad choice we made, if we cut our own hair, or went to someone not well trained.

Now, I will be the devil’s advocate. How many times have you sat at a hair salon with a picture from a magazine, or snapshot you show to the hairdresser wanting the same cut? Yes, you really want your hair to look like that one on the picture.

First, a good hairdresser needs to understand clearly what you want and second, if it is will work for your hair type with the amount of time you want to spend styling it to know if what you want is even possible.

When we explain this using hair as an example, it sounds much simpler than when we explain the same type of considerations about a trip, right?

A travel expert has to know the exact expectations of the prospective client to avoid conflicts and misunderstandings. As an expert YOU know the best cruises, tours, all-inclusives, and what the client wants EVEN when they bring you a picture (especially since usually this picture is inside the client’s head!)

Think about this the next time you are talking to your client. Try to get “the picture” and sell what your client REALLY wants!

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