Colombia, not Columbia!

Dear Travel Agents/ Advisors,

Welcome to Colombia, not Columbia!

Colombia has been on my bucket list since before the pandemic and finally, in October 2022, I realized my dream of visiting this country by being a leader on a FAM Trip. We spent 8 days visiting Bogota, Medellín and Cartagena. Along with me and my husband (the only man on the trip) were 9 awesome travel agents. 

I personally love to visit a country on a FAM Trip, I enjoy the fast pace and crave the energy of the group. Actually, I could live on FAM trips, but I know that not all trips are created equally, LOL!

I did not care for Bogota, there was not much to see or do there. Honestly, I don’t think that Colombia’s capital is a “must-visit” destination. I recommend flying into Medellín and starting from there. Another fact about Bogota is that the city is at a high altitude, some people can feel it and get sick. 

Medellin is the highlight of Colombia, in my opinion. From lemons, they have made delicious margaritas!  I highly recommend watching or reading about Pablo Escobar BEFORE going to Colombia. From that, you will have a better understanding of how one person was almost able to destroy a city, a country, so many lives, and was such a negative influence. 

Now it is a beautiful city, celebrated with the beautiful sculptures of famous Fernando Botero and enriched by the Comuna 13 neighborhood, with its series of urban escalators. Medellín’s policy of social urbanism is aimed at integrating previously alienated citizens into the city and investing heavily in progressive architecture and education. 

From Medellín we went to Cartagena. What a beautiful port city on the Caribbean Sea. The beaches and the history made the visit a must, especially the Palenque de San Basílio, a village almost 2 hours away. Here you’ll learn the real story of around 3,500 people descended from West-African slaves who escaped Cartagena and the surrounding areas in the 17th Century. The people in Palenque originated from the Congo and were brought to Colombia during the colonization of the Americas by the Spanish. Many fled Cartagena and other cities due to the harsh conditions and the poor treatment they were subjected to.

Colombia is rich in food, delicious coffee, chocolate, beaches and incredible history. I highly recommend adding Colombia to your bucket list. 


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