Trusting Apps

Dear Travel Agents/Advisors,

As I was planning my FAM trip to Colombia, I added Bogota, Medellin and Cartagena to the weather app already installed in my iPhone.  As the trip dates began to approach, so did my anxiety: thunderstorms were predicted practically all day long in all the 3 cities. I can deal with little rain during the day, but all-day thunderstorms were really making me think about changing my mind about going on this trip.

My husband decided to call his friend/client in Medellin while I was worrying about the prediction of another dark, thunderstorm-awful day on my phone. His friend told my husband that he was enjoying a beautiful sunny day and that there was rain during the night but nothing too bad!!!

During the whole trip we enjoyed great weather, and we talked about almost canceling because of seeing thunderstorms on the Weather App. Well, this is not the first time this has happened! While we were in Italy in August, we had the same experience. While we watched showers in one town on our phone app, our friends there told us the sun was out!

If your clients are watching the weather on their cellular phone and getting ready to cancel their trip, let them know about my blog. This seems to happen all the time. It might be that whoever is in charge of the weather app on the phone hates to travel and tries to convince people to be miserable before they travel or keep them from going someplace. It only seems to please people who like to travel in the rain! Not nice.

Now we all know!


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