Getting To “Plenty-Nine”

Dear Travel Agents/Advisors,

Travel is a true gift that we give to ourselves. The price depends on how much we can afford, but also how much we believe we deserve it.

Why? Some people are more generous to themselves and pay in installments towards a more expensive trip, while others don’t believe in spending more than they can afford at the time of booking. In both cases, the traveler gives themselves the pleasure of traveling. They celebrate life and are living without regrets.

I just came back from a trip to my 87th country, and tomorrow I will be celebrating my big 6-0, or as I say: my 39th with 21 years of experience!

I am writing this blog with tears streaming down my face. As much as I enjoy life, I am the first one in my family who will surpass the age of 59. My mom died at 52 from colon cancer, her mom (my maternal grandmother) died at 54 with same cancer. Honestly, I don’t know about my mother’s grandmother who was lost in Poland before WWII.

My goal is to continue enjoying life, to get to 120 countries at least once (some countries like Italy I have been 13 times, but I count only once, Israel 9 times, India and Peru twice, Spain 4 times and France 5). I am so happy to be breaking this curse of dying young by getting to “plenty-nine.” I have had colonoscopies since I turned 35, and even a virtual colonoscopy. Mentoring Travel Agents/ Advisors is something I love to do, especially knowing that some of them are doing awesomely in their businesses. I plan to keep doing so for many years to come!

Cheers to life!

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