Real Travel Revenge!

Dear Travel Agents/Advisors,

I wanted to start this blog by asking if you can guess whether the number of people traveling is less, more, or the same as it was of pre-pandemic.

When I was searching for some data, I found the term “Travel Revenge” and that made me think about my personal travel to Europe, more specifically, to Italy.

This was our 13th trip to Italy, and I can assure you that it was definitely our “Travel Revenge.” We never paid so little for food in great restaurants, transportation was really cheap (taxi, Ubers, and trains), and shopping was so much fun (between name brands and no brand!) By planning far ahead we got good deals on airfare and beautiful hotels!

Our “Travel Revenge” experience was so great, we have already purchased a trip to Spain for May 2023!

If Europe was such a great deal for us, imagine travel to other countries that were already very affordable before! Well, Colombia here we come at the end of October!

Now, let’s go back to your guess of the number of travelers I asked you before. With all these deals, can you estimate how are we doing in travel as compared to 2019?

From the US TRAVEL ASSOCIATION from September 1st, 2022:

Key August Highlights:

Travel spending was roughly at 2019 levels in July, which marked the fourth consecutive month that spending, was at, or above, 2019 levels.

According to Morning Consult’s recently released State of Travel and Hospitality, as of July, 36% of Americans plan to travel in the next three months, down from 39% in April.

The return of business travel continues to be uneven.”

Now, based on “Travel Revenge,” and following these trends, with affordable prices to eat, enjoy and even shop in countries that used to be more expensive to us, how can you or your clients let such a great opportunity pass by?


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