Live Life and Be Safe

Dear Travel Agents/Advisors,

What happens when the things that we enjoy having and wearing are not safe to display or enjoy anymore? How frustrating it is to see people getting robbed and/or beaten up just because they have something they worked hard to get.

My dear friend just got robbed and badly beaten up by a robber who demanded everything she had in her house. It was a very traumatic ordeal and the perpetrator got caught a few hours later. Unfortunately, her trauma didn’t disappear at the same time.

My husband has a love for expensive cars. He had a couple of Maseratis and his latest car was a red Aston Martin. He really loves his cars! When he heard that someone in our neighborhood got beaten up after parking a Ferrari on the street, he sold his cars right away and got a Tesla.  I asked him if he was sad, and he said his life is worth more than his “hobby.”

I am telling you this not to complain about life, even though it is very upsetting, but to look at the other side of life where we all can enjoy life safely: by traveling!

We don’t need fancy cars, jewelry, expensive clothes or anything to become a target. By traveling, we can go first class, business, coach or even by private jet and enjoy life safely (just don’t scream too loud on social media, LOL!) You can go to a Presidential suite, a suite, or any kind of room when you cruise. Go to a fancy or simple resort. Just enjoy life safely and don’t become a target by wearing fancy jewelry and advertising for a fancy brand!

Enjoy life, travel as much as your life desires, and know you do not have to be a target!

Cheers to life!

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