Who Reads the Newspaper?

Dear Travel Agents/Advisors,

Sometimes I wonder how much knowledge a writer in the media has. Maybe, just having a pulse is enough qualification to write an article. How does the New York Times have the nerve to publish something about travel while obviously not doing any due diligence in learning how travel agents work?

Here is the piece they wrote last week about travel: “Fly direct if you can, carry on essentials in case your bag is delayed, and consider using a travel agent if you can afford it.”

It goes on: “Beyond that, even if you’re too broke or overwhelmed to plan the ideal trip, try to go somewhere you’ve never been before for at least two nights. Spend some time in nature even if you’re not outdoorsy. Talk to a stranger even if you’re not an extrovert. My observation is that a lot of people are mentally struggling right now. Years of working from home, obliterated routines and exhausting daily risk assessments have taken their toll. I love how even a short trip can help reset us and extract us from the pandemic blur.”

Whoever wrote that article didn’t understand some basics. The most important point that needs to be cleared up is: Using a travel agent doesn’t cost MORE. This is like saying if you are sick, go to the doctor IF you can afford it, otherwise, Google your symptoms. Who really cares?

In the next paragraph, he/she/they prove their stupidity by recommending nature for someone who doesn’t enjoy the outdoors and suggesting that an introvert to go talk to people. How about an amusement park for those who hate lines and roller coasters? Genius!!!

I don’t know what is worse – the writer, the newspaper, or the readers who believe this nonsense.

In this world of so much news that is not actual news, but personal opinion, often offered without any research, can we stop and think for ourselves, and stop reading articles like this.  

Let’s work harder to educate people, especially when the media is working against us!


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